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Youth & Adult Karate Classes for Self-discipline & Self-defense!
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• Martial Arts
• Karate
• Kobudo
• Bujutsu
• Tradition
• Sport
​• KickFit

One-on-one Adaptive Karate lessons with a personalized
karate plan for each student.
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• Improved Balance
• Cognitive Function
• Coordination
• Confidence
• Behavior
• and more!

About Sensei Stephens

Sensei Alex Stephens was awarded a third-degree black belt and declared headmaster of American Open Karate Bujutsu by karate icon Jerry Piddington. He was awarded the honorary title of Tashi in 2022. His credentials are recognized by the American Karate Academies National Association (AKANA).


Tashi Stephens has been teaching karate to the adaptive community since 2015. He developed his passion for working with special needs teaching within the Oregon school system. He has taught SPED at Ashland High School and worked in behavioral classrooms at the Springfield Public School system. Tashi Stephens was awarded the Silver Sidekick Angel for his work with special needs by world kickboxing champion Ricky Smith.


Over the years Tashi Stephens has competed in ToughMan boxing, and amateur MMA. He has become a 10 kata Tomoe Warrior and has developed his own unique fighting system. His passion for karate has culminated in the opening of Reverence Karate-Do Institute in Eugene Oregon in 2020.

Alex Stephens Founder of Reverence Karat
About Sensei Stephens (homepage)

PKA Lifetime Member

Awarded Best Instruction in Eugene, Oregon

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In 2022, Tashi Stephens was recognized by PKA Worldwide (The Professionial Kickboxing Association) for best instruction in Eugene, Oregon and awarded lifetime membership status.


Classes We Offer

Adaptive Karate Consultation for Youth & Adult Students

Ideal for anyone with physical or cognitive adaptions or anyone looking for 1-on-1 instruction to help address personal goals.

Contact us to set up a FREE consultation


Youth Self-Defense Martial Arts Class

Ages 6-12. American Open Karate Bujutsu with a focus on self-defense and self-discipline. 

Contact us for a FREE week long trial


Adult Self-Defense Martial Arts Class

Ages 13+. American Open Karate Bujutsu with a focus on self-defense and self-discipline. 

Contact us for a FREE week long trial

Now Offering:


KickFit Kickboxing Classes are coming soon to the Reverence Karate Dojo! 

Classes begin April 3rd, 2023 and will be offered 6 times per week.

Punch cards available. 

Free boxing gloves with 1st month sign-up!

Reverence KickFit Logo for Kickboxing Fitness Classes offered at Reverence Karate-Do Institute in Eugene, Oregon

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Adaptive Karate Program

Karate is how you treat people

Sensei Stephens has been serving the adaptive community by means of karate since 2015. He has helped enrich the lives of many folks with a wide range of abilities and adaptations. The Adaptive Program is designed to meet the needs of each student in their own unique way. Every adaptive student will have a personal karate plan developed to create a strong mind, body, and spirit. Sensei Stephens has customized curriculum for with students with autism, FAS, Down syndrome, OCD, ADHD, and Parkinsons. He has also modified curriculum for a wide range of mobility adaptations for students in wheelchairs, or with limb loss. He believes karate is how we treat others, and ultimately how we treat ourselves. Contact Reverence Karate-Do Institute today and find out how Sensei Stephens can help you and your loved ones.



Reverence student Noah and his father Roger discuss the benefits of his Adaptive Karate lessons.

Sensei Stephens working with an Adaptive student.


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