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Sensei Alex Stephens working with an adaptive student at Reverence Karate Do in Eugene Ore

Who is a Part of the Adaptive Community?

The adaptive community is expansive and inclusive. It is comprised of students in need of a wide range of physical, mental or emotional adaptations including:


-Parkinson's Disease

-Limb Loss

-Mobility Adaptations

-And many more....

Why Offer Adaptive Karate?

According to the WHO, 33% of school aged children have a disability, yet very few programs serve this population nationwide. Be the first to provide an adaptive program in your area. Fully accredited by the American Karate Academies National Association.

What is the Reverence Karate Adaptive Program?

The Reverence Adaptive Karate Program includes:
-Custom adaptation of your existing curriculum by Sensei Stephens
-On-site hands on training for your staff Unlimited access to Reverence Adaptive Karate custom content and support.

There are 2 Options for Becoming Reverence Adaptive Karate Program Certified 

Option A

-We will travel to your location and adapt your existing curriculum to fit the needs of whichever adaptive communities you wish to serve.
-We will asses your dojo environment and suggest what tools will be necessary to properly serve this population
-Instruction on how to create and maintain a personal karate plan
-Reverence Adaptive Karate Program manual
-Coaching calls for 1 year
-Receive the Reverence Adaptive Karate Program Certification allowing you to fly the Lion’s Butterfly in your dojo to gain national recognition
-Training for you and all of your staff

Option B

-1 day online course
-Reverence Adaptive Karate Program Manual
-4 Coaching Calls

For scheduling your training or for more information please contact myself, Alex Stephens to begin your journey of serving the adaptive community.


Treating others with love and reverence, helping the adaptive community help themselves.

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